Welcome to vwfans.com!

vwfans.com is the sister site to audifans.com, and is the home of several great mailing lists about VWs, for VW enthusiasts.  This site was created by one of the original rec.autos.vw FAQ coauthors, and is an attempt to return to the days of high quality, low noise discussion. Currently only the vwdiesel list is active.
This site is, and will remain, free.  (advertisers wanted!)

This site is currently under construction and the "real" site is on the way, but for now, you can join the active vwdiesel mailing lists by visiting this link

Note that you must be a subscriber to post to the lists - this is to prevent spammers from using the lists for their purposes.

This site will soon include a search engine. lists of where to buy parts and accessories for your VW, as well as recommended mechanics.
You will also be able to browse the list archives to follow current discussions if you'd like a preview of what the lists are like.

If you have a suggestion for a list you'd like to see, please send an email to dans@vwfans.com